“You will find within yourself the ability to replenish the spirit and encourage the beauty, development, and growth about to take place. Only with nurturance can this growth occur.” ~ from the Nurturance card, which I drew for myself yesterday afternoon

This morning, I took responsibility for and took the first small (and simultaneously HUGE) step toward addressing my side of a complicated, strained relationship. I had to intentionally choose vulnerability in a situation where I have historically suited up with ALL THE ARMOR.Read More »


BHE: 2017 Wrap-up

11328921715_f0ec00bec9_zSo Best Halloween Ever is over for 2017. If you’re curious about our final thoughts, read below. Otherwise, we’ll see you back here on Oct 1, 2018 for the next round. Now, my brain is officially turning to turkey and stuffing!

Mikey: Well, it looks like we have now watched 31 horror movies. Actually 29 horror movies, one comedy (Netherbeast Incorporated), and one thriller (Stonehearst Asylum), by my subjective calculations. We have each awarded six five-star ratings (counting 5+ as a 5). So I guess the obvious first question is: What was the best movie of them all?Read More »