I’ve started and restarted this post half a dozen times in the last six minutes. I can’t figure out how I want to say this. I don’t know how to turn something so sore and angry into something beautiful. I haven’t found the peace within the pain, the life lesson within the loss, that allows me to hold onto this sadness without it burning my hands.Read More »


February Goal Review

February is finished. I am one sixth of the way into my very unofficial goal of writing every day this year. As I head into March, I wanted to take a minute to document (and celebrate!) my progress so far.Read More »

Check This Out: Hero Edition

Today, I am heading out to sea on my second JoCo Cruise, where I plan to spend my week playing board games, seeing nerd-tastic shows, and becoming very good friends with the All Day Taco Bar. It was on this cruise last year where I broke free of an almost year-long bout of writer’s block. Although I haven’t written every day since, I have written most days and I have created a hefty collection of short stories, flash fiction, and interesting bits that might someday be expanded.

I credit the continual flow of words on page to three people:

  1. Patrick Rothfuss, who spoke freely and honestly about his mental health and how it affects his writing and who challenged my perspective on writer’s block;
  2. Mary Robinette Kowal, who extended an invitation to join her each morning to write by the pool and then demonstrated the importance of follow-through by showing up and writing there with us every morning; and
  3. Jim Reader, my dear friend, who brooks no excuses and has taken the time to challenge me to write on a daily basis over the past year.

I will be offline for the next week, as ocean-going internet is ridiculously expensive, but–thanks to these terrific role models–I will be writing every day. I’ve scheduled a brief post each day with someone or something I think is pretty cool. Enjoy! See you in a week!

The Ethics of Travel, Scene 2

The gate agents start boarding for my flight while I am in the bathroom, so it surprises me to find the seat next to me still empty when I get to my row. I lift my carry on bag I to the overhead compartment, sit, and tuck my large purse, carefully packed with the things I want to access during the flight, under the seat in front of me.

I people-watch, my favorite travel game, as the plane fills. As the flow of passengers slows to a trickle, the seat next to me is still empty. Perhaps …Read More »

The Ethics of Travel, Scene 1

I leave home at 5:03 in the morning, driving through the darkness toward the airport. My stomach protests the unpleasant hour, but the solitude of the roads makes it worthwhile. My big, white truck–Abbie–maneuvers through the intersections unhampered by traffic.

As I come to a complete stop before making a right turn, I marvel briefly at my penchant for following rules. I mock myself for being quite so thoroughly obedient when there is nobody around to see or care. More importantly, when there is nobody around to be hurt by a flaunting of the rules.Read More »


I wrote a short piece yesterday that I thought I was going to share today, but it’s glaringly obvious that I’ve written it all wrong AND I know what I need to do to fix it (two things that rarely come hand in hand) so I’m going to hold off on sharing it.

Today, I wrote largely uninspiring things in my journal for twenty minutes, but I did like this bit:Read More »

Day 1, Take 2

I forgot to write yesterday.

I thought about it in the morning and made plans to do it after the other tasks of my day were completed, but it slipped my mind. I realized this morning when my writer buddy did his daily reminder/check in.

My first reaction was tears. I was 40 days into a streak that started on Jan. 1 and I had grown quite fond of the idea that I would write every day this year. I felt actual grief as I realized that possibility had slipped away for another year.Read More »