2016 Gratitude 4: My Support System

Addison. Akiko. Alexa. Amanda. Amber. Amy. Amy. Angie. Ann. Ann. Anna. Ariel. Arthur. Barb. Blossom. Brett. Brian. Brian. Brian. Brooks. Caitlyn. Captain Tightpants. Chris. Chris. City Lights. Cody. Cole. Colin. Conor. Dani. David. Devon. Dr Who. Emily. Erin. Erin. Espen. Eva. Fernando. Frank. Grant. Gwen. Huzzah. Jake. Jamin. Jaxon. Jayma. Jazz. Jeanne. Jen. Jenn. Jessica. Jim. Joe. Jordan. Julia. Julia. Julie.Read More »

2016 Gratitude 3: Former Students

I was a teacher. I like to think I was a good one. I spent almost a decade within the public school system before striking out on my own as a private tutor for almost another decade. There are plenty of things I don’t miss about being a teacher. It’s exhausting work that consumed my time and my heart, leaving very little of either for myself or my family. It’s frustrating work, full of road blocks and red tape. I’m a healthier person in many ways now that I’m doing other things.

That being said… I miss my students so much! There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of at least one of “my” kids and wonder how they are doing now.Read More »

2016 Gratitude 2: Flexible Routine

I had LASIK surgery on October 18th after thinking about it for 15 years. My right eye is struggling to clear up, something I wasn’t expecting. I thought I would be resting on the couch for a couple of days and than back to my regular routine, sans glasses. Instead, it’s been two weeks of limitations: driving only in familiar places during daylight hours, minimal reading and computer use, an inability to read facial expressions from more than a couple feet away, and so on.

I’m sure everyone who knows me will be completely shocked to hear that I am not a fan of limitations.

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Horror Movie Marathon: Wrap Up (or 2016 Gratitude 1: My Best Friend)

Mikey and I completed our month of horror movies. Below is our very lengthy wrap-up discussion. It is doubling as my first 2016 Gratitude post for November because the thing I am most grateful for in my whole life is that I managed to find my soul mate among the billions of people who share this space rock. He challenges me to new heights, supports me in my lows, and – as cheesy as it is – genuinely inspires me to be the very best me that is possible. My life is greatly improved with his presence, and the fact that we can entertain ourselves for hours just by hanging out in the same GoogleDoc is just one reason for that. Today, and every day, I am grateful for my Mikey.

For my Gratitude Song List: Becky G’s Shower.

Enough smooshy stuff! Here’s the Horror Movie Marathon wrap-up. Enjoy!Read More »


2016-04-18 17.53.19 (2)I surround myself with people who feel deeply but who struggle to appropriately express their emotions.

My life is filled with artists. They write and sing and paint and create things in many forms. They channel their feelings through themselves into media to be shared with others and they feel as though they have let others in.

I understand that feeling. Read More »