Boiling Frogs, Runaway Trains, and other metaphors for depression

The main symptoms of my depressive episodes show up early. They show up in small, subtle ways, though, building gradually until I suddenly find myself, like the frog sitting in the pot of boiling water, wondering how I got there.Read More »



I have to walk away from making breakfast. I leave the burner on, the egg in the pan, and I leave the kitchen.

I am suddenly very aware of all the commitments, large and small, I have made to myself, to family, to friends for the next month … and how deeply afraid I am of disappointing anyone. My body tingles with the now-familiar electricity of anxiety as I walk up the stairs.Read More »

Protest IS Patriotic

A stranger on the internet, disagreeing with my #protestISpatriotic hashtag, asked me what freedoms the current administration is curtailing. I have created this reading list for that stranger and any others who might be curious why I feel it necessary to be so political these days.

These are SOME of the things the Trump administration has done that I disagree with, that I believe are damaging to the well-being of our country, and that I protest out of patriotism:Read More »

Level Up!

I reached a pretty spectacular milestone in my writing adventure yesterday.

I’ve blogged about this before, but I struggle to understand where my stories come from. Other writers will talk about creating whole worlds but that’s not how it feels to me. I don’t feel like I’m creating or inventing the stories I write. It feels more like I’m tapping into a source and downloading them through my fingers.Read More »

Opportunity and Fear

One of the side-effects of learning to declare myself a writer is that people believe that I am capable of writing things. I have people offer me suggestions and ask me to write things for them. Not often, but certainly more often than I did when I told people I was a teacher.

I understand that these suggestions and requests come from a place of honor and respect. The people in my life are saying “I believe you” and “I trust you”. As someone who holds being reliable as one of my strongest toward values, this means A LOT.Read More »