Fools and Their Money

Bitsy leaned in close, her breath soft on my ear as she shouted to be heard over the thumping base. “Holy shit! Did we really drink that much?”

I started to shrug but the movement set the room spinning. I squinted at the bill again–a white strip of paper stretched into a much longer rectangle than either of us had anticipated. The numbers danced and spun before settling into the final total: $137.65.Read More »


Old Friends

Kenny and I grew up together, close enough that my mother has pictures of us sharing a bubble bath. We were inseparable all through school, right up to our joint graduation gift–a pair of Euro-rail tickets and matching backpacks.Read More »

A is for…

Allen ate apples any time he could acquire them. Applesauce, apple pie–he had absolutely no aversion to apples in any form. He admired the assiduous agriculture and anticipated the ambrosial assortment annually. His attachment to assembling an astronomical album of asymmetrical specimen, particularly alabaster, arcane, and arctic variations, left authorities in the most active auction houses and advertising agencies awed.Read More »

Full Moon

The moon is rising, full and arrogant over the trees and you can feel it in your blood.

Your every heartbeat is subject to its pull, its power ebbing and waning in pulses that leave neighborhood children irritable and unruly and send menstruating women running for hot water bottles and Motrin. They are unsure why they feel so uncomfortable in their own bodies.Read More »

Home, Sweet Home

“What was that?” Linda pulled her feet up from the wood floor and tucked them under herself. “Did you hear that?”

David rolled his eyes. “No, I didn’t. What did it sound like?”

“If you don’t know what sound I’m asking about, how do you know you didn’t hear it?”

“Because I didn’t hear anything, Lin.” He reopened his book.Read More »