Sick Days

On Monday, Karen woke up with a dry mouth. Her eyeballs itched a little and her head felt tight. A check of her calendar reminded her that she had a pre-work meeting scheduled with her boss, she had to call the insurance company during lunch, and it was her turn to bring snack for her daughter’s soccer team. She took two Airborne, drank an extra bottle of water and crossed her fingers.Read More »


Lake’s Gift

Once upon a time, long before this moment, a small band of people lived together on the shores of a crystal clear lake. Lake loved her people. She let them drink of her waters and eat of her bountiful fishes. She used her great mass to protect them from the volatile moods of her brother, Weather.

In return, the people loved their Lake. They gave thanks for her generosity and in return they worked for her, keeping her waters fresh and clean. For many generations, Lake and the people took care of one another. For season after season, Lake sparkled like a mirror and gifted the people with the food and water they needed to survive.Read More »


The sun sank low behind the distant hills, plunging Coraline’s apartment into darkness. Shadows crawled from the corners and draped themselves around the furniture. In the bathroom, the drip-drip-drip of the pedestal sink kept time, but her thoughts refused to fall into any sort of rhythm.Read More »


Geoffrey sat cross-legged on the floor. His little sister and her friends sat in a semi-circle around him. They waited raptly for him to begin. He took a swig from his water bottle and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand while staring into the eyes of each one in turn. The candle in the center of the circle flickered and danced, sending shadows scampering across their eager faces. Finally, as their unspoken desire reached its peak, he spoke in a low husky voice.Read More »

Ghost Train

The cars of the train are silent, although the seats are filled.

Should a man find himself stepping up from the platform, through the doorway into this car, he will no doubt recoil at the chill in the air. The atmosphere stifles all joy and light that dares approach and leaves one gasping for breath.Read More »

Misplaced Lies

Alan stormed into Clara’s office already shouting. “What the hell is going on with this latest batch of lies?” He slammed the door shut behind himself, setting the bobblehead dolls on her bookshelf nodding in alarm.

“Good morning, Alan,” she said calmly. In the years working with Alan, she’d learned to stay relaxed and confident in the face of his bluster. He considered himself the helmsman of this Fabrication Factory, but really he was as malleable as the truth.Read More »


She places her feet gently, lightly, softly, so as to avoid making any noise.

Only in darkness may she roam. She is as a ghost in her own house—unseen, disavowed, feared. She moves through rooms without leaving any trace of her passing.

Her mother—locked in her own rooms—mourns the loss of her.Read More »