1MinFiction: He Knows Now

He Knows Now

He thought he’d gotten away with it. The dump site.  The excuses.

Everyone seemed to believe him.

He didn’t know I was waiting for him. He didn’t know I had seen everything. He didn’t know she was my sister.

He knows now.

Today’s 1MinFiction prompt was the picture posted above. Full disclosure, I let the image percolate in my mind while I ate breakfast before starting the timer.



cell phoneThe doctors stood straight and serious as they gave Jakob the news. He laughed at the irony of it all and they gave a collective frown. He let them share what they knew with him—statistics and estimations for which he had no interest—and when they were done, he signed all the necessary papers and left.Read More »

Laundry Day

laundry basketYou will walk down the stairs into your newly finished basement with a basket of dirty laundry on your hip and one hand on the rail. Despite the fresh carpet, the stairs are still narrow. you still get that tiny sliver of fear that you will be distracted and lose your footing, tumbling to the landing in a mess of broken bones. It’s never happened, but you’re pretty sure that when it does, it will be when you’re least expecting it.Read More »


steering wheel


He sits in the passenger seat. The weight of their history rises between them like a wall of glass, clear enough to see through, but thick enough to leave them unable to hear one another properly. He is thinking about the past. Mistakes that cannot be unmade. Opportunities that cannot be unmissed.Read More »

Bonding Day

Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=263386Tevah hears the guitar player picking at his strings on the other side of the curtain. She smells roasting meat and smoke on the cool air that slides in through the gaps. The slices of daylight that find their way inside do nothing to relieve the darkness inside. The contrast blinds her although she’s familiar enough with her surroundings to imagine them clearly even on the darkest of nights.Read More »