1MinFiction: He Knows Now

He Knows Now

He thought he’d gotten away with it. The dump site.  The excuses.

Everyone seemed to believe him.

He didn’t know I was waiting for him. He didn’t know I had seen everything. He didn’t know she was my sister.

He knows now.

Today’s 1MinFiction prompt was the picture posted above. Full disclosure, I let the image percolate in my mind while I ate breakfast before starting the timer.


Mowing Lawns

dewy grassDenise held the curtain to one side and peered at the front yard. The grass shone emerald green in the sunlight. The hum of a lawnmower drifted on the air from several doors down and she wondered where Sammy was. He’d recently taken on the responsibility of mowing the lawns of their elderly neighbors.Read More »

The Shore

By Yinan Chen (www.goodfreephotos.com (gallery, image)) [Public Domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThe transition from hot, flat sidewalk to hot, soft sand signaled her arrival at the beach.

She shifted the weight of the folding chair under her arm and aimed her beach badge at the lifeguards sitting at the gap in the grass-covered dunes that had been shaped after the last hurricane season. The young lifeguard in her red one-piece suit nodded and continued her animated conversation with the tan man standing nearby.Read More »