Pops Makes a Connection

Pops and Winston
Pops stands under his very tall friend, Winston.

During my Minnesota months, I volunteer as much of my time as possible at Discovery Horse, where my good friends, Sara Sherman and Matt Schwab, have created a safe haven for people seeking connection. One of my favorite jobs on the farm is “horse handling”. In my role as horse handler, I am responsible for inviting the horses into the arena before a session and being present for them as they work. A side-effect of being present for the horses is that I am also present for the work the humans are doing. I have the honor of observing people at their bravest, as they let down their armor and allow themselves to be truly seen. This is a true story (with names and identifying information removed, of course) as seen from my horse handler position.Read More »



steering wheel


He sits in the passenger seat. The weight of their history rises between them like a wall of glass, clear enough to see through, but thick enough to leave them unable to hear one another properly. He is thinking about the past. Mistakes that cannot be unmade. Opportunities that cannot be unmissed.Read More »