Commute many false starts and some significant drifting away from the actual prompt, I finally got a few words down:

She sat on the hard, molded-plastic subway seat with her hands gripping the handles of the overnight bag in her lap. Around her, bodies rocked and swayed with the movement of the car. With each stop, the space between passengers decreased until she had briefcases and hips, grocery bags and butts pressing in on her from all sides.

A hugely pregnant woman sat across from her, one hand on a novel and the other pressed against her rounded belly. She exhaled impatiently as she turned the page.

*6/23 prompt “When he tried to attack me with _____, I couldn’t help but _____.

2016 Gratitude 2: Flexible Routine

I had LASIK surgery on October 18th after thinking about it for 15 years. My right eye is struggling to clear up, something I wasn’t expecting. I thought I would be resting on the couch for a couple of days and than back to my regular routine, sans glasses. Instead, it’s been two weeks of limitations: driving only in familiar places during daylight hours, minimal reading and computer use, an inability to read facial expressions from more than a couple feet away, and so on.

I’m sure everyone who knows me will be completely shocked to hear that I am not a fan of limitations.

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