Morning Of

It’s early–early enough that the animal hospital is technically still an emergency service and we have to ring the bell. Rookie wags hesitantly as we wait for someone to open the big, iron door.

“Can I help you?” the woman asks.Read More »


Airport Observation: #HerToo

The gate agents have begun the boarding process. They have welcomed those who need assistance on the jet bridge. They have called for First Class and uniformed military personnel. They have loaded passengers with Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Aluminum, and Burrito memberships. The exit rows–three and eight–with their two inches of extra legroom and $25 upcharge have boarded.Read More »

Airport Observations: Ass Man

He leans slightly forward against the weight of his backpack. There’s something about the length of his reddish-blond hair or the angle of his baseball cap or the color of his khakis that sets off alarm bells in my brain. The woman next to him—short, with long black hair and a round face—rummages around in her large purse. It is clear they are together, although they don’t speak. They aren’t even angled toward one another, the way some couples do, an unconscious delineation between “us” and “them.”Read More »

The Ethics of Travel, Scene 2

The gate agents start boarding for my flight while I am in the bathroom, so it surprises me to find the seat next to me still empty when I get to my row. I lift my carry on bag I to the overhead compartment, sit, and tuck my large purse, carefully packed with the things I want to access during the flight, under the seat in front of me.

I people-watch, my favorite travel game, as the plane fills. As the flow of passengers slows to a trickle, the seat next to me is still empty. Perhaps …Read More »

The Ethics of Travel, Scene 1

I leave home at 5:03 in the morning, driving through the darkness toward the airport. My stomach protests the unpleasant hour, but the solitude of the roads makes it worthwhile. My big, white truck–Abbie–maneuvers through the intersections unhampered by traffic.

As I come to a complete stop before making a right turn, I marvel briefly at my penchant for following rules. I mock myself for being quite so thoroughly obedient when there is nobody around to see or care. More importantly, when there is nobody around to be hurt by a flaunting of the rules.Read More »


I wrote a short piece yesterday that I thought I was going to share today, but it’s glaringly obvious that I’ve written it all wrong AND I know what I need to do to fix it (two things that rarely come hand in hand) so I’m going to hold off on sharing it.

Today, I wrote largely uninspiring things in my journal for twenty minutes, but I did like this bit:Read More »