2016 Gratitude 10: Discovery Horse

Just over a year ago, my uncle Joe called to offer me the role of “speaker buddy” for the TedX event he was organizing. The voices in my head immediately chimed in with helpful responses.

You’ve never done anything like that.” “Who are you to think you can help someone else write?” “Strangers are scary!” “You can’t handle responsiblity.” “Boy, he must be feeling desperate.

Somehow through the chaos I heard a tiny voice whisper, “Say yes now, before they convince you to say no.” So I did.Read More »

2016 Gratitude 4: My Support System

Addison. Akiko. Alexa. Amanda. Amber. Amy. Amy. Angie. Ann. Ann. Anna. Ariel. Arthur. Barb. Blossom. Brett. Brian. Brian. Brian. Brooks. Caitlyn. Captain Tightpants. Chris. Chris. City Lights. Cody. Cole. Colin. Conor. Dani. David. Devon. Dr Who. Emily. Erin. Erin. Espen. Eva. Fernando. Frank. Grant. Gwen. Huzzah. Jake. Jamin. Jaxon. Jayma. Jazz. Jeanne. Jen. Jenn. Jessica. Jim. Joe. Jordan. Julia. Julia. Julie.Read More »