cell phoneThe doctors stood straight and serious as they gave Jakob the news. He laughed at the irony of it all and they gave a collective frown. He let them share what they knew with him—statistics and estimations for which he had no interest—and when they were done, he signed all the necessary papers and left.Read More »


The Real Solee

IMG_5134 (2)This morning I took a shower and got dressed. I brushed my hair, made the bed, and cooked myself a balanced breakfast. Normally–by that, I mean on days when I feel normal–these are things I do without hesitation or thought. They are the tasks I speed through as I prepare of the real work of the day. Today, I do not feel normal. Today feeding and clothing myself are the real work of the day.Read More »


steering wheel


He sits in the passenger seat. The weight of their history rises between them like a wall of glass, clear enough to see through, but thick enough to leave them unable to hear one another properly. He is thinking about the past. Mistakes that cannot be unmade. Opportunities that cannot be unmissed.Read More »


I dip my feet into the lake. Behind me, family gathers in Grandma and Grandpa’s house, consoling one another. The cool water soothes my toes but there is nothing that will soothe my heart. A fish nibbles on my toes.

Whew. One-Minute Fiction is even harder than I thought it would be! But it was fun. Definitely going to try again next week.