Laundry Day

laundry basketYou will walk down the stairs into your newly finished basement with a basket of dirty laundry on your hip and one hand on the rail. Despite the fresh carpet, the stairs are still narrow. you still get that tiny sliver of fear that you will be distracted and lose your footing, tumbling to the landing in a mess of broken bones. It’s never happened, but you’re pretty sure that when it does, it will be when you’re least expecting it.Read More »


Bonfire [CC by 2.0;]Sparks fly up from the bonfire. They float on the air, drifting down over the adults on their plastic folding chair thrones.

“Knock it off, Lindsay,” Mama says. She hands Davie a long stick with a hotdog skewered on the end. “Now hold it over the coals, like this.” She positions his hotdog over the glowing red edge of the fire.Read More »

My Ticket Out, pt 1

train“One ticket, please.”

“Where to, honey?”

The heavyset woman behind the glass looked at me with sympathetic eyes, like I wasn’t the first half-grown girl to come through her line with a wad of cash and a paperbag for a suitcase.

“Oh … uhm … I don’t …” I hadn’t thought that far ahead. I didn’t know where I wanted to go; I just knew I had to get out of here.Read More »