The Door

the doorThe door stood in front of them, old and solid with that smooth patina that only comes from centuries of regular use. It was in excellent repair, proof that the inhabitants of this castle only pretended to be absent.Read More »



cell phoneThe doctors stood straight and serious as they gave Jakob the news. He laughed at the irony of it all and they gave a collective frown. He let them share what they knew with him—statistics and estimations for which he had no interest—and when they were done, he signed all the necessary papers and left.Read More »

Mowing Lawns

dewy grassDenise held the curtain to one side and peered at the front yard. The grass shone emerald green in the sunlight. The hum of a lawnmower drifted on the air from several doors down and she wondered where Sammy was. He’d recently taken on the responsibility of mowing the lawns of their elderly neighbors.Read More »

The Shore

By Yinan Chen ( (gallery, image)) [Public Domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThe transition from hot, flat sidewalk to hot, soft sand signaled her arrival at the beach.

She shifted the weight of the folding chair under her arm and aimed her beach badge at the lifeguards sitting at the gap in the grass-covered dunes that had been shaped after the last hurricane season. The young lifeguard in her red one-piece suit nodded and continued her animated conversation with the tan man standing nearby.Read More »

Bonding Day

Public Domain, hears the guitar player picking at his strings on the other side of the curtain. She smells roasting meat and smoke on the cool air that slides in through the gaps. The slices of daylight that find their way inside do nothing to relieve the darkness inside. The contrast blinds her although she’s familiar enough with her surroundings to imagine them clearly even on the darkest of nights.Read More »