Breakfast with Aristotle

Aristotle_Altemps_Inv8575Gemma and I were very young when Aunt Teresa stopped making our breakfasts. I can only just recall the creamy goodness of her homemade oatmeal. She sprinkled it with brown sugar and drowned it in cream before setting them on butter yellow place mats in front of us. Even better, during blueberry season, she’d add a layer of fruit at the bottom of each bowl. Breakfast with Aunt Teresa meant comfort and harmony.Read More »


M0015133 Obsidian blade mounted in ornamental handle, from Admiralty
Crystal clear pools collect on an enormous obsidian shelf. Mara crouches next to the largest one, the hem of her garment soaking up sacred water. Great flocks of cormorant wheel overhead, undisturbed by the plume of smoke and ash.

She rocks back on her heels and wraps her arms tightly around her knees. If she stays still enough, pulls herself into a tight enough ball, perhaps she can contain the wholly inappropriate laughter that threatens to bubble out of her.Read More »