Protest IS Patriotic

A stranger on the internet, disagreeing with my #protestISpatriotic hashtag, asked me what freedoms the current administration is curtailing. I have created this reading list for that stranger and any others who might be curious why I feel it necessary to be so political these days.

These are SOME of the things the Trump administration has done that I disagree with, that I believe are damaging to the well-being of our country, and that I protest out of patriotism:

I am opposed to Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy and the chaos it has wrecked on the lives of already traumatized individuals. Read more about why herehere, and here.

I am angry about the recent steps toward denying LGBTQ families the right to adopt (as well as interfaith families, single parents, and individuals who have previously been divorced). Find out more about the research done around LGBTQ parenting here and here. See why the courts consider this unconstitutional here, and here.

I support reproductive health rights and I believe an individual’s health decisions should be made between that individual and their medical team. A small selection of the ways reproductive health freedoms have been curtailed include the implementation of the Global Gag Rule, reduced access to birth control, and an ongoing lack of paid parental leave requirements.

I am protesting Trump’s ineffective response to foreign officials tampering in US elections. More information on what has been discovered here, here and here. I am concerned about what this means for 2018 elections and beyond.

I am concerned because Trump’s economic decisions are disastrous for the majority of Americans. Articles about the tariff wars he’s starting here, here and here.

These are just a few of the issues I see as worth speaking out about. I’m also speaking out about sexual harassment and abuse, racism, gun violence, and the shambles that is the American health care system. If you’re paying attention, there is no shortage of areas to focus your attention.

Protesting is a form of exercising my First Amendment rights and there’s nothing more patriotic in America than understanding, being informed about, and participating in the governing of our country. Protest was built into the framework by which our country is run. Anyone who wants to take away my right to protest, obviously hasn’t read the Constitution and doesn’t understand their own rights and responsibilities as a citizen of this great country.


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