Home, Sweet Home

“What was that?” Linda pulled her feet up from the wood floor and tucked them under herself. “Did you hear that?”

David rolled his eyes. “No, I didn’t. What did it sound like?”

“If you don’t know what sound I’m asking about, how do you know you didn’t hear it?”

“Because I didn’t hear anything, Lin.” He reopened his book.

“Da-vid!” Linda whined, “go check! I was a thump. In the kitchen.” She shivered dramatically and batted her big blue eyes at him. “I’m scared.”

With a sigh, David put his book on the coffee table and stood up. “I’m going to the kitchen to get a snack. NOT to check on your non-existent noise.”

“Thank you, baby!” Linda sing-songed to his back. She pulled the fuzzy throw blanket from the back of the couch and returned to her own book. As she scanned the page for her place she heard it again.

A thump, louder this time and followed by a scream. Well, the beginning of a scream. It cut off as abruptly as it started.

Sitting up very straight on the couch, feet still tucked safely under her, Linda stared toward the kitchen. She shook her head and called out, “Very funny, David. Bring me some of whatever you’re making.”



Still no answer.

“Hello? Are you okay? What happened in there?”

When David still didn’t answer, Linda stood. She dropped the helpless little girl act with the throw blanket and walked down the hall quickly, already pulling her cell phone out of her back pocket in case David needed an ambulance. She rounded the corner and entered the kitchen, scanning the floor.


The kitchen was empty. As she looked around, unsure whether to be amused or annoyed or scared, she heard it again.


She didn’t have time to scream.



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