The Secret

Tansy and Yarrow spent seven hours hiking to this specific part of this specific forest on this specific mountain because a Twitter meme said it was “a life-altering experience” to walk around this specific curve of this specific trail, crest this specific hill and gaze upon this specific view. They flew for eleven hours and drove for three more just to reach the trailhead and now, dripping with the sweat of seven hours in the thick, humid air of this specific summer day, they stood, side-by-side, and stared.

One minute.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes went by. Neither of them moved. Neither spoke a single word.

Their breathing slowed. The sweat on their brows dried in the gentle breeze. The fatigue in their legs eased.

Finally, Tansy took in a deep breath and exhaled forcefully. Yarrow turned to look at her. “I guess I’m not the enlightened type, Yar,” Tansy said, “because I don’t get it. It looks exactly the same as the seven hours of forest we just hauled our fat butts through.”

Yarrow laughed. When Tansy’s face took on a vaguely offended look, Yarrow raised her hands and said, “No, T. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing with you. I’ve been standing here for ten minutes feeling like a dolt because I couldn’t appreciate this amazing sight the way you could.”

She spread her arms to the vista before them. “I mean, it’s pretty and all, but I have trees in my own backyard! What am I doing traipsing half-way around the world to look at a bunch of oak trees that aren’t even as nice as the ones I see every day?”

Tansy smiled and threw an arm around her best friend. “I think you might have just figured out the secret of this whole crazy trip.”

11/13/17 prompt: “good for the soul”

I love when I put one word after another and my subconscious teaches me something.


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