It’s raining. Again. My mom’s late. Again. I forgot my bus pass and I have to walk the five miles home. Again.

My life sucks.


I had to work over time. Again. My roommates went out without me. Again. I’m sitting at home on a Friday night, eating crappy frozen pizza and watching Die Hard alone. Again.

My life sucks.


I used up all my sick days when the kids got the flu. Again. I forgot my hair appointment and couldn’t get another one until next month. Again. I spilled red wine on the living room carpet. Again.

My life sucks.


That same woman said, “Sorry! Wrong number!” when I answered my husband’s cell phone. Again. My kids forgot to call on my birthday. Again. They cut my hours at work and gave them to a younger, cheaper employee. Again.

My life sucks.


My doctor called and asked me to please schedule a follow-up appointment to talk about my bloodwork. Again. My daughter decided to spend Christmas with my ex and his new wife. Again. I had to eBay some of my vintage cookbooks to put new tires on the car. Again.

My life sucks.

11/13/17 prompt: “another bullshit night in suck city”

Soooo depressing. Typing up this lady’s story actually made me feel a little better about myself and the crappy months I’ve experienced between writing this and now.


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