Feather on the Wind

https://www.flickr.com/photos/alanenglish/2237630803A blinding light fades and reshapes itself into blue sky and white clouds as you blink. The crowns of trees, cool and green, appear around the edges of your vision. It must be windy—the leaves shiver and dance—but you hear nothing. It is absolutely silent.

To your right the air shimmers with intense heat, making the world bend into strange ripples. A bird swoops far above, tracing huge circles across the pale blue canvas of sky.

A hawk, maybe?

Or an eagle. It’s hard to tell from such distance.

Curious, you move toward it, floating on the currents of super-heated air like a feather.

Up. Up. Up. Until you see the fanned tail and sharply angled wings of the hawk clearly in front of you. You’re circling and spinning with the hawk, feelings of euphoria crashing over you as you play with the wind.

How have you never tried this before? Why haven’t you danced in the clouds on every sun-soaked day?

Movement catches your eye.

On the ground people, tiny and frantic like ants, scurry around the remains of a car. It looks familiar, like something from a dream you almost remember. Flames stretch up from its charred carcass, reaching for you with hungry fingers.

They can’t reach you; you are safe in the hawk’s playground.

Another vehicle, long and red, stops near the burning car and more ant-people tumble out. They rush to join those already gathered around a body lying prone on the asphalt. You think it might be someone you know, but it’s too far away to tell for certain. You are somehow reluctant to move closer.

You don’t want to see.

In your heart, you know the seeing would only ruin this moment. You continue to float, filled with wonder and peace, in this silent paradise.

You are a feather on the wind.

*8/3/17 prompt: you float like a feather


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