hotdogsStreet shops have made me shifty.

It’s not the actual shops themselves, but the overwhelming presence of cameras found in them. Even when I’m doing something completely innocent—buying a pack of gum, choosing a refreshing beverage, paying for a hotdog with the works—it always feels like my decisions are being scrutinized.

Granted each flavor of gum, each size of styrofoam cup, each scoop of relish or blop of ketchup signifies something to the proper people, but the eyes scanning the video feeds shouldn’t know that. If I’ve done my job right, they are more focused on the letters and packages I mail at regular intervals. Hopefully, they think the mysteriously silent phone messages I receive are key to breaking the resistance.

I just have to stay calm as I buy a pack of Watermelon BubbleYum and a 32 oz Coke tomorrow morning. Then I can start thinking about bringing Val and the little ones back home.

  • 7/14/17 prompt: “streetshops have made me shifty”

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