Rainy Day

how-to-use-the-ouija-boardCarol and Jan lean toward each other over the old Ouija board they found in their Pop-Pop’s attic. They each have their fingers resting gently on the stylus. They look at each other, each expecting the other to start something.

“What?” Carol asks.

“Nothing! What, yourself?” Jan retorts.

They both grin until the stylus suddenly starts to move. Their grins fall away, replaced by narrowed eyes.

“It’s not me,” Jan says.

“Well, it’s not me!” Carol insists.

The stylus continues to twitch its way across the board.

“I …” Jan reports.

“Shhhh!” hisses Carol.

The triangle of wood and glass slides over the S, then the E. It starts to move away, but jumps back to the E.

“I … see …” Jan’s eyes are huge.

“Shut. Up.” Carol has gone pale. She glances into the shadows gathered in the corner of the basement. The stylus continues to move.

B … A … D …

Jan pulls her hand away from the stylus abruptly. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

The stylus falls still.

“Ha! I knew it was you,” Carol says.

The stylus resumes convulsing under her fingertips.

“What are you—” Jan starts.

“I’m NOT!” Carol shouts, pulling her hand away from the board as if from a hot stove.

*7/1/17 Speed Writing prompt: “I see bad times today”


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