Little Brother“Welcome to the creep show!” announces Adrien, his blond head peeking around the door frame.

“Mo-o-o-o-m!” shouts Danielle. Her friends roll their eyes and throw wadded up tissues at the small boy.

Their mother steps up behind him and scoops him into her arms, tickling behind his ears. “Adrien, leave your sister alone. Let them get dressed in privacy.”

The boy sticks his tongue out at his sister and her friends as he’s carried away down the hall. His sister returns the favor before turning back to her friends.

“What a turd.”

“Oh, c’mon, Danielle, I think he’s kinda cute,” says Patty.

“He’s a pain,” Danielle assures her as they continue to paint their talons and arrange their neck feathers neatly. She turns in a large circle. “Does this skirt make my tail look thick?”

*7/1/17 speed writing prompt: “Welcome to the Creepshow”


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