Perfectly Normal

beach-seashore-island-abandonedI felt perfectly normal right up until the last challenge.

That’s when the dizziness and hot flashes set in. I tried to ignore them as I listened to the Game Master describe the rules of the game ahead, but it took all my concentration to stay upright. If any part of me other than my feet touched the pad during the sharing of the rules, I’d be automatically disqualified. I certainly wasn’t going to let that happen after all I’d overcome so far.

So when the bell rang and the other contestants sprang into action, I had no idea what we were doing. Seconds matter in situations like that, so I didn’t waste any time trying to figure it out. I just threw myself into motion with the pack.

Fortunately, it wasn’t one of the challenges that sends each player in a different direction. We raced, feet pounding against the ground made to look like hard-packed beach sand. I managed to work my way up to the center of the group, all the while scanning the area ahead for clues as to where we were going and what we’d do when we got there.

I saw a couple of the others wrapping their bandannas around their faces, covering noses and mouths, so I did the same.

* 6/20 prompt “I felt normal until …”, boxes of rocks, choices


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