2016 Gratitude 5: Air Travel

Today, as I wake up in Phoenix, AZ, I am reminded how lucky I am to have the ability to hop on a plane. I can fly half-way across the country for a long weekend with a loved one.

It wasn’t too many generations ago that this trip would have taken several months in covered wagons, fording rivers and hunting for buffalo with a pixelated gun while you hope that your traveling companions don’t die of malaria or dysentery. I played Oregon Trail. I know what it was like! My biggest concern is whether I need to be at the airport a FULL two hours before my flight is scheduled to take off.

I’m living the good life. And I’m getting to enjoy it with these lovely ladies, none of whom will be getting dysentery this weekend:


Even better, I get to fly back home to my Mikey just as easily.

Gratitude Song List: Steve Miller Band’s Jet Airliner


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