Opening my mind to see what falls out. Lots of things open. Doors, windows, refrigerators. Eggs and avocados need to be opened. Stores open. Hearts open. Minds open. Not all things that open can be closed. Open-heart surgery. Opening a book. Opening the aperture of a camera changes how the picture develops, although I don’t know how. I’ve watched a flower open in slow motion. Borders used to open. Now they are all slamming closed out of fear and misunderstanding. Openness leads to communication, but communication is fraught with mistakes. If you open your legs, you’re a slut. Presents are opened on numerous occasions. Crack open a beer. OpenOffice. Open seating. Keys open locks. Can you open this jar for me? Pop open the hood and take a look. Open your eyes. Open source your thinking. We’re simultaneously opening a window for the world to inspect and evaluate the minutia of our lives – food, opinions, clothing, faces – while tightly closing off all connections to our inner selves – fear, love, frustrations, dreams. Open-ended questions. Open the back and add fresh batteries. Open your wallet. Water only flows through an open faucet. Open swim. An open wound. An open relationship. Open to change. Open to suggestion. Break open. Fall open. Tear open. Open the gate. Your fly’s open. Are you open? Open wide.



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